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Start a Meeting

Can't find a CMA meeting? Then start a new CMA meeting. Here we offer you the resources you may need to bring a meeting of Crystal Meth Anonymous to the addict who is in need of support and a solution.

You may want to contact someone close to you for assistance. CLICK HERE to see the CMA Local Contacts list.

First, download our INFORMATIONAL PACKET about starting a meeting. This document has been prepared to assist fledgling groups on the best practices in starting a meeting. Also at this location are our MEETING FORMATS. These are formats that can be customized to fit your location and your meeting. Feel free to use them as you see fit. 

altSecond, download the CMA Literature. This is a collection of all current CMA pamphlets and CMA readings. 

Third, order CMA Chips. Chips are a great way to welcome the newcomer and to help us celebrate our time. Medallions for multiple years are available as well.

AND DON'T FORGET... Once you start a new CMA meeting you should next request that the CMA meeting be listed in the CMA Meeting Directory.

This information is provided as a service of the General Service Organization of Crystal Meth Anonymous. We grant you use of this information for the purpose of starting a CMA meeting only.