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  1. Thank you updating a current CMA meetings in your area. The information we ask for will help us determine how to update your meeting. Please be complete.

    ** Adherence: To be listed on the CMA Meeting Directory, the group/meeting should: (1) adhere to the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of CMA; (2) made up of two or more people who have a desire to stop using Crystal Meth; and (3) have no other affiliation. H&I Meeting should be listed in local directories only. Meetings at facilities can be list if they are O=Open. Groups/Meetings not adhering to the above requirements may be de-listed from this website after an attempt has been made to contact the identified service person.

    The information you supply below is sent to the CMA Group Registrar. You may be contacted for further details if needed. The trusted servant(s) (preferably secretary/chair or GSR) should update the information for your meeting at least once a year, or whenever trusted servants change, even if you think your listing is current. If your meeting commitments have changed, please let the registrar know. To DELETE a CMA meeting, CLICK HERE.

    For the protection of our visitors’ anonymity, we do NOT reply to you at a different address than you write us from. You MUST write us from the address you want us to reply to. We DO NOT post links to club houses or Alano clubs nor do we post the telephone numbers of our members.

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