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World Service Contacts

The Contact Us menu in the MAIN MENU includes links to: World Services Committee Chair contacts.

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Name Position Webpage
Communications Chair Questions/requests for communication subcommittee
Conference Chair Questions/requests for conference subcommittee
Fulfillment Chair Questions/requests about the CMA store, orders, etc.
General Services Chair Questions/requests for the General Services Committee
General Services Treasurer Questions for the GSC Treasurer
Group Registration Coordinator Questions about registering your CMA group
Hospitals & Institutions Chair Questions/requests for H&I committee
Literature Chair Questions/requests for literature subcommittee
Media Request Coordinator Questions/requests from the media
Professional Request Coordinator Questions/requests from health care, correctional, social work, clergy, educator or other professional
Public Information & Outreach Chair Questions/requests for PI&O subcommittee
Web Development Team Website support for TECHNICAL ISSUES ONLY.