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Local Contacts

Intergroups may provide meeting lists and web sites to help newcomers and visitors find meetings, maintain an inventory of chips for the local groups to purchase, and/or sponsor local events to solidify the unity of the local CMA fellowship. All of these are services vital to the smooth functioning of a local CMA fellowship's quest to 'carry the message'.

The Contact Us menu in the MAIN MENU includes links to: Intergroup contacts, and contacts in states and cities that have active CMA Intergroups.

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Name Position Webpage
Arizona Area Intergroup
Australia, Sydney Information Contact
California, Los Angeles Area Intergroup
California, Northern / San Francisco Area Intergroup
California, Orange County Information Contact
California, San Diego Area Intergroup
Canada, Montreal Information Contact
Colorado Area Intergroup
Connecticut Information Contact
Florida, (South) Area Intergroup
Florida, Orlando Information Contact
Florida, Tampa Bay Information Contact
Georgia, Atlanta Area Intergroup
Idaho (Southern) Information Contact
Illinois, Chicago Area Intergroup
Massachusetts, Boston Information Contact
Minnesota Area Intergroup
N. Carolina / S. Carolina Area Intergroup
Nebraska Information Contact
New York, New York Area Intergroup
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Area Intergroup
Utah Information Contact
Washington DC Area Intergroup