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CMA Meeting Directory

For most of us, our first connection with CMA was at a meeting of Crystal Meth Anonymous. A meeting usually takes place at a specific time and place where two or more addicts come together for the purpose of recovery. In contrast to a meeting, a CMA group is a spiritual entity that exists beyond the specific time and place of the meeting for the purpose of carrying the message to the addict who still suffers. Regular meetings are encouraged to list their meeting time and place on local and national meeting lists. Groups are encouraged to register with CMA World Services and elect service representatives to the Area Assembly. 

Whenever two or more crystal meth addicts come together for the purpose of recovery they can form a CMA group — providing that, as a group, they have no other affiliation. Each group's primary purpose should be to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. By Tradition, each group is autonomous, conducting itself as its members see fit, provided that its actions do not impact other groups or the CMA Fellowship as a whole. CMA does not govern individual meetings, instead relying upon the spiritual principles outlined in our Twelve Traditions and Traditions Concepts to guide each group's actions. 

Anonymity and the Media

Public Outreach and Information for Crystal Meth Anonymous

TO: Managing Editors; News Reporters and Photo Directors; Radio, Television and On-line Editors Producers and Talk Show Hosts

FROM: Public Information Committee of Crystal Meth Anonymous


For many years, we in C.M.A. have appreciated the support we have received from our friends in the media. You have assisted in saving countless lives. We seek your continued cooperation in protecting the anonymity of our members at the public level.

We ask, therefore, that in presenting CMA members:
* You use first names only
* You do not use pictures in which their faces may be recognized.

Anonymity lies at the heart of our Fellowship and assures our members that their recovery will be private. Often, the active addict will avoid any source of help, which might reveal his or her identity.

Crystal Meth Anonymous is not affiliated with any other organization, although, with permission, we have adapted A.A.'s Twelve Steps for our own use. CMA is self-supporting, declining outside contributions; and we are non-professional, offering only the voluntary support of one Crystal Meth Addict helping another.

Throughout the world, favorable media coverage has been one of the principal means of bringing Crystal Meth Addicts into our fellowship. You have helped make this possible, and for that we thank you.

If you are a professional and wish to e-mail us your postal mailing address at this time so that we may send you further information, please contact:

World Services Public Information & Outreach

Email them HERE.