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For most of us, our first connection with CMA was at a meeting of Crystal Meth Anonymous. A meeting usually takes place at a specific time and place where two or more addicts come together for the purpose of recovery. In contrast to a meeting, a CMA group is a spiritual entity that exists beyond the specific time and place of the meeting for the purpose of carrying the message to the addict who still suffers. Regular meetings are encouraged to list their meeting time and place on local and national meeting lists. Groups are encouraged to register with CMA World Services and elect service representatives to the Area Assembly. 

Whenever two or more crystal meth addicts come together for the purpose of recovery they can form a CMA group — providing that, as a group, they have no other affiliation. Each group's primary purpose should be to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. By Tradition, each group is autonomous, conducting itself as its members see fit, provided that its actions do not impact other groups or the CMA Fellowship as a whole. CMA does not govern individual meetings, instead relying upon the spiritual principles outlined in our Twelve Traditions and Traditions Concepts to guide each group's actions. 

Make a Seventh Tradition Contribution

Why do we support the Crystal Meth Anonymous World Services?                                      *download*

By keeping Crystal Meth Anonymous selfsupporting, we help make sure CMA will be there for those in need of recovery. Many members whose lives are being restored by working a program express their gratitude by giving back to the fellowship. Most of us were dependent on others during our using and only looked to see what we could take from life. In our selfish pursuits, we lost our integrity and gained nothing. Through observing the Seventh Tradition, we learn to take responsibility for ourselves and, therefore, grow in our recovery.

Membership in CMA is in no way contingent upon financial support of the fellowship. Yet groups, areas, regions and the CMA World Services all have necessary expenses that must be paid. Our funds must come from within -- our spiritual principal of self-support requires this. Crystal Meth Anonymous is entirely self-supporting -- no outside contributions are accepted.

All groups benefit from the general services although not all groups contribute to the General Services's support. All contributions are voluntary.

How can I give to Crystal Meth Anonymous "World Services"?

To support the essential services of the general services it is suggested that each group, through an informed group conscience, adopt a plan by which to contribute to the general services and other CMA service entities. Although each group's plan will be tailored to the needs and the means of the group, we have provided guidelines below that may serve useful.

How much is enough?

CMA is not a traditional organization. We do not seek to make a profit or have large reserves of money. We need enough money to pay our expenses, so when the newcomer needs a meeting; there is a room in which to meet, a telephone number to call, literature to read, and a chip to encourage. We must remember our primary purpose is to carry the message.

While some groups may not be able to give much, there is an important spiritual significance to making regular contributions. Once a group's basic expenses have been met, i.e. rent, literature, chips, and refreshments, and a "prudent reserve" has been set aside, we suggest that the group consider donating its remaining money as follows:

Groups in areas with 3 levels
of service structure*


Groups in areas with 2 levels
of service structure*


Groups in areas with 1 level of service structure*

50%, Local District or Local Intergroup



30%, Local Area

75%, Local Area or Local Intergroup


20%, CMA World Services

25%, CMA World Services

100%, CMA World Services

*In many places around the country, and the world, our fellowship is very new and still growing. There may not yet be an organized District or Area in your location. Perhaps neighboring meetings have not yet formed an Intergroup. Check with other meetings nearby or the meeting lists on this website if you're unsure of the local service structure you may be able to participate in and benefit from. All groups may benefit from the services of the Crystal Meth Anonymous World Services.

Contributions to the General Services may be sent to:

CMA World Services
4470 W Sunset Blvd Ste 107 PMB 555
Los Angeles CA 90027-6302

Make checks payable to: Crystal Meth Anonymous
Let us know the name and time and place of the meeting and how we can contact you.

CMA's SIXTH TRADITION states that "A CMA group ought never endorse, finance or lend the CMA name to any related facility or outside enterprise lest problems, of money, property, or prestige divert us from our primary purpose." Thus, the SIXTH TRADITION suggests that meetings NOT contribute to treatment centers, recovery homes, events not recognized by CMA, and other similar outside enterprises or related facilities.

Can I contribute directly to the World Services?

Of course you can -- as long as you're a member of the fellowship. Perhaps the most important contribution you can make is the generous support of your own local group(s). Encourage your local groups, through their own group consciences, to regularly support the service structure of CMA locally and nationally. Everyone benefits.

Still want to give more? Individual contributions to the Crystal Meth Anonymous are limited to $1,200 per member per year. Crystal Meth Anonymous, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and your contributions are fully tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law. You may request a receipt for your records. Contributions may be mailed to:

CMA World Services
4470 W Sunset Blvd Ste 107 PMB 555
Los Angeles CA 90027-6302

Make checks payable to: Crystal Meth Anonymous

Contributions from non-members of Crystal Meth Anonymous or any outside organization can not be accepted under any circumstances and, if received, will be respectfully returned.