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Start a Meeting

Can't find a CMA meeting? Then start a new CMA meeting. Here we offer you the resources you may need to bring a meeting of Crystal Meth Anonymous to the addict who is in need of support and a solution.

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Service in CMA

"CMA, as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve. – Tradition Nine"

Crystal Meth Anonymous is primarily a spiritual entity concerned with carrying the message of recovery, but it is also an incorporated, non-profit organization which must comply with state and federal laws. Our service structure is designed to balance these two roles while expressing the group conscience of the Fellowship of Crystal Meth Anonymous.

For a complete explanation of our service structure, members are encouraged to read our Service Manual. We have included a few resources and information here for members of individual groups and those involved in, or interested in, CMA World Services.

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Make a Seventh Tradition Contribution



We now accept contributions from either groups or individuals online. The above links will take you to forms that will allow you to contribute directly. If you would rather contribute by mail, please use the address below. If you would like more information about why we contribute or the types of contributions we make, please read the information provided below. 

Why do we support the Crystal Meth Anonymous World Services?                                      *download the seventh tradition pamphlet *

By keeping Crystal Meth Anonymous self-supporting, we help make sure CMA will be there for those in need of recovery. Many members whose lives are being restored by working a program express their gratitude by giving back to the fellowship. Most of us were dependent on others during our using and only looked to see what we could take from life. In our selfish pursuits, we lost our integrity and gained nothing. Through observing the Seventh Tradition, we learn to take responsibility for ourselves and, therefore, grow in our recovery.

Membership in CMA is in no way contingent upon financial support of the fellowship. Yet groups, areas, regions and the CMA General Services all have necessary expenses that must be paid. Our funds must come from within -- our spiritual principal of self-support requires this. Crystal Meth Anonymous is entirely self-supporting -- no outside contributions are accepted.

All groups benefit from the general services although not all groups contribute to the General Services's support. All contributions are voluntary.

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The CMA History of Service

The Beginning

In 1994, the founder of CMA--Bill C., a recovering crystal meth addict 16 years sober in A.A.--observed a growing number of other crystal meth addicts attending various twelve-step meetings in Los Angeles. Bill recalled that many of the secretaries of these meetings did not like the shares of the crystal meth addicts and were therefore reluctant to call on them in meetings. Bill maintained that there ought to be a place for these people to share.

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