“I don’t think I would have had as good a time getting loaded without the associated drama.”

—VOTF: Our Recovery – On Drama.

Many of us come to understand that we were addicted to drama long before we found meth. We disguised our unmanageability as busyness, hustle, and struggle—anything but boredom! Crystal seemed to provide a clear path to avoid monotony. No matter how crazy things got, we were just glad we didn’t have to be dull. In fact we had a fear of a mediocre life and would go to any lengths to avoid it.

We learn many lessons in sobriety and one of them is to find peace in the normal rhythms of life. We no longer have to bounce from scene to scene or need to sow chaos to cure our boredom. Embracing a slow sobriety, “slow-briety” some say, allows us to see that life and sobriety are not a series of wins and losses or peaks and valleys. They create a beautiful journey, taken one step at a time, that is rich in treasure even when it isn’t exciting. When we live life on life’s terms, we begin to see the gifts laying at our feet that we missed when we were bouncing around. Living a spiritual life, one day at a time, blesses us with the high drama of a life well lived in service. One with purpose that is full of serenity and free of boredom.

Today I Can seek the beautiful richness in what used to seem mundane and boring, embracing each moment as a new opportunity to notice the blessings that are all around me.