Currently, CMA is most active in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Go to FIND A CMA MEETING for the current CMA Directory of Meetings.  If you cannot find a meeting of Crystal Meth Anonymous in your neighborhood, then START A NEW MEETING of CMA. 

We have links for everything you neeed in one place.


Here they are:

1. Download a copy of the CMA, New Meeting Guide and/or suggested CMA Meeting Guides. Download Them
These guides have been prepared to assist the first-time meeting secretary or long-time meeting(s) that wants to stay in-touch with what the rest of the CMA fellowship is doing. Rarely do the CMA Meeting formats change. These guides are the latest versions of all the meeting formats.

2. Download CMA Literature. Download Literature
This is a collection of all current CMA pamphlets plus CMA readings. Though some of the materials may duplicate the New Meeting Guide, please download them both.

3. Order CMA Chips. Go Order Chips
CMA chips are NOT free. We do not ask for handouts and we are self-supporting.

4. List the Meeting. GO LIST YOUR MEETING
Once you start a new CMA meeting you should next request that the CMA meeting be listed in the CMA Meeting Directory.


This information is provided as a service of the General Service Organization of Crystal Meth Anonymous.
We grant you use of this information for the purpose of starting a CMA meeting only.