From My Head to My Heart

“Humility is an action…it brings perspective.”

-CMA Reading – Twelve Steps: A Plan of Action

When I was a newcomer, I heard many things, but I hardly listened. I was given many suggestions and told many truths, but my answer was always, “I know, I know.” I really didn’t know. Most of what I heard went in one ear and out the other. You could say I was unteachable. My overblown ego told me I was either too smart, too bad, too unique, or too much of a victim to apply these truths to my situation.

Then one day, a fellow addict said something that spoke to my heart instead of my head. He said, “Get over yourself!” It was an arrow that pierced my heart. But it also pierced the bubble of my too-big ego—it was the most freeing thing I’d ever heard. I saw myself in a whole new way. I found some humility, though I didn’t recognize it for what it was. I could really listen and learn from others. I was finally teachable. I was able to get a bit more right-sized and move forward in my Step work and recovery. I was finally open-minded and open-hearted.

Intention: Today I will listen with my heart. I will be open-minded and teachable. I am not that good and not that bad.