“Witnessing others get better, I slowly start to notice that I’m getting better myself.”   

-Heard in a CMA meeting

At one of our first meetings, we saw someone raise her hand and say, “I have 90 days!” As the room erupted in applause, she smiled and blushed, and we thought, “How on earth did she go three months without doing drugs?” And then, before we knew it, the room was cheering for us. And if we could have seen ourselves, we’d probably have thought how cute we looked when we were happy.

Ah, but we can’t see ourselves. That’s the tragic side of human consciousness. Especially for addicts—as self-centered as we are, we have no objectivity whatsoever. In CMA, we learn to focus on our fellows. To celebrate with them when they triumph and commiserate with them when they flop. And month by month, we see them change. Once, they were totally disoriented when the Steps were even mentioned; now they are sponsoring newcomers. Once, they were facing eviction; now they are buying their own home.

Believe it or not, our fellows are noting our progress just the same way. Staying sober and working the program together, we are helping each other achieve milestone after milestone.

Intention: Help me invest in the success of my fellows. There’s no better way to see my own success.