“When we were ready to accept direction things began to change.”

—What About God?

Doing things my way for years got me to the rooms of Crystal Meth Anonymous. Living a life run on self-will, I was always making bad choices: lying to my doctor, paying my dealer before I paid rent or bills, dating other unhealthy people for the excitement of the drama.

Coming to CMA beaten and hopeless, I was willing to get a sponsor and accept their direction. They suggested simple actions which I was willing to try one at a time. And that’s all I had to do, one new action at a time. For example, go to a meeting every day (and stay for the whole meeting), read my Big Book, pray every morning, pray every night. As I became comfortable with each action, I would try out the next new thing my sponsor would suggest. I got a phone list and called three people every day, I got a service commitment, and began extending my hand to newcomers.

Taking these simple recovery suggestions, I began to practice these spiritual principles in other areas of my life, as well. After showing up early to set up meetings, I began showing up early to work. Staying after meetings to help clean up soon became staying late at work to finish a job. I began to bring an attitude of service into all areas of my life. Things were changing by accepting direction.

Today I can take action on one simple suggestion at a time.