“Keep in mind that these tools are not meant to overwhelm us. They are based on the experience of addicts who have found a solution.”

  -CMA Pamphlet – Sober Tool Kit

In CMA we’re offered many powerful tools. Meetings, the Twelve Steps, a sponsor, literature—they’re all recommended to help us recover from our addiction to crystal meth. As addicts, many of us share the tendency toward perfectionism. We always want to go faster and do more. It’s easy for us to feel like we’re not doing enough: not going to enough meetings, not calling our sponsor enough, not doing our Step work as fast as someone else.

The tools of CMA are here to give us relief and guide us in recovery, not for us to use as weapons to beat ourselves up. Though we’re still learning to implement these tools, we practice them to the best of our ability and build our recovery at our own pace. The program is meant to lift us up, not bring us down. We spent enough time harming ourselves and dwelling on our failures—now we show ourselves patience and love.

Intention: Today I will work the necessary tools to put my recovery first and know that it will be enough.

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