Public Information & Outreach Advisory Committee

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CMA PI&O has one ultimate focus, and it mirrors the primary purpose of each CMA Group, “to carry its message to the addict who still suffers.” CMA PI&O accomplishes this in three ways:

  • Providing information to the “non-addict” whose work or association may be involved with an active crystal meth addict.
  • Providing information to the public regarding the CMA fellowship.
  • Providing information to the CMA fellowship, keeping it well informed so that members and groups may work more effectively to carry the message.

With this understanding, the CMA PI&O Advisory Committee developed the following Vision and Mission statements:

PI&O Vision Statement:

“All those affected by crystal meth are informed of Crystal Meth Anonymous.”

PI&O Mission Statement:

“To provide and communicate consistent and readily available information and resources to all those affected by crystal meth.”

Pull Tab Posters

This easy editable Print-And-Post Call Tabs Poster for CMA Outreach includes rip-off tabs with your Helpline Number and Website QR Code.

To participate in the monthly PI&O conference call, please contact the PI&O Advisory Chair at the link below. The call is open to anyone who is interested and is on the third Saturday of each month at noon Eastern time, 9am Pacific.

Public Information & Outreach

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