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What Is Crystal Meth Anonymous?

Crystal Meth Anonymous is a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, so they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from addiction to crystal meth. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using. There are no dues or fees for CMA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. CMA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; and neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to lead a sober life and to carry the message of recovery to the crystal meth addict who still suffers.*

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**Adapted with permission of the Grapevine of Alcoholics Anonymous.

CMA Statements on COVID-19

These last months have been like no other. And the Fellowship of CMA has trudged through it all with grace and innovation. Some groups are, or soon will be, having in-person meetings. Online meetings are still going strong, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

As we return to your meetings, we suggest keeping the CMA Meeting Directory and Online Meeting Directory updated. Some folks are planning to have dual meetings – one in person and the other online. Dual meetings will be listed in their respective meeting directory. When updating, please use the comments section for additional information such as meeting capacity (if social distancing is employed) and facility requirements (are masks mandatory?). And of course please continue to practice suggestions for safe meeting spaces and follow local, state, and national rules as they pertain to COVID-19.

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Voices of the Fellowship

Through this portal, you can read some of our members’ writings on recovery. You can also listen to speaker shares from our fellows, as well as submit your own work for inclusion in the projects being created by the CMA Literature Advisory Committee!

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A Letter to Anyone New to CMA

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Thank you for your interest in Crystal Meth Anonymous. Crystal Meth Anonymous is a fellowship of people for whom all drugs, specifically crystal meth, have become a problem. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using. There are no dues or membership lists. The fellowship that is Crystal Meth Anonymous is a new way of life without Crystal Meth. Crystal Meth Anonymous advocates a twelve step recovery program for spiritual development, no matter what our religious belief or background. The first step in our recovery is admission by the addict that he or she is powerless over crystal meth, and that life has become unmanageable.

The experience of CMA members is that Crystal Meth Addiction is a progressive illness that cannot be cured, but which, like some other illnesses, can be arrested, by not using, one day at a time. CMA members are happy to offer help by sharing their experience, strength and hope in how they stay clean & sober. One of the ways members stay clean & sober is by helping other Crystal Meth Addicts to achieve sobriety.

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Think you may have a problem with crystal meth? Call the CMA Helpline at: (855) METH-FREE(855) 638-4373 CMA’s 24-Hour Helpline is available to provide information and offer support to anyone seeking recovery from crystal meth addiction. Please note the Helpline is not a crisis hotline and therefore not equipped to respond to emergencies or answer any questions of a medical or legal nature. Although we have volunteers 24-hours a day, some calls do get sent to a voicemail system. If that happens, please leave a message including your name and phone number so we can call you back as soon as possible.



We accept contributions from either groups or individuals online only.  CMA Members or CMA Groups can use the online form to make their Seventh Tradition contributions.

Voices of the Fellowship: Our Recovery

Voices of the Fellowship: Our Recovery

Crystal Meth Anonymous is pleased to offer a new collection of stories by a broad and diverse group of our fellows. Together they offer a powerful message that crystal meth addicts do recover and find a new way to live. In this book and online, just as in our meetings, we share our experience of finding recovery in our Twelve Step Fellowship and applying it in our lives. Available in both paperback and Kindle.

Available at Amazon

A Sober Cell – From the Inside Looking Out

“A Sober Cell – From the Inside Looking Out” is a collection of personal stories of recovery from the members of Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) who had been incarcerated. CMA is a fellowship of people for whom crystal meth has become a serious problem, and who follow a Twelve Step program in order to recover from crystal meth addiction.

Many members of CMA have been behind bars themselves. This book has been designed to give hope to anyone affected by crystal meth addiction, but particularly for those who are experiencing the challenge of being locked up.

Available at Amazon

Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope

Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope is now in Spanish. Historias de Esperanza

“Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope” & “Crystal Clear: Historias de Esperanza” are a collection of personal stories of recovery from the members of the Twelve-Step fellowship Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA). This book is now available in Spanish as “Crystal Clear – Historias de Esperanza”. Members of CMA describe their personal journeys getting clean and sober; their process of working the Twelve Steps; and offer their experience, strength and hope for those struggling with addiction to crystal meth.

Available in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Available at Amazon – Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope (English Edition)

Available at Amazon – Crystal Clear: Historias de esperanza (Spanish Edition)

CMA Recovery Store

The CMA Recovery Store

Please visit our new online store. At the CMA online store you can purchase official CMA chips, medallions, & stickers. We have just added anniversary chips up to 25 years, bronze medallions up to 15 years, and new plastic recovery chips that commemorate each month of sobriety!

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the CMA App

Donate to the CMA App

CMA is creating its first app! You can help us create this new tool for connecting you to CMA resources and each other. If you are able, consider making a contribution on the app fundraiser page.

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Meditation Reader

A Call for Entries for a new Meditation Reader

We are currently creating a CMA meditation reader. We are compiling entries from the Fellowship for this daily meditation book. This book will contain daily ideas to inspire our fellowship as we journey on the road of recovery together.