CMA’s Registered Logos

Intellectual Property Guidance
Use of the CMA Name and Logo

Use of the names Crystal Meth Anonymous, and CMA, the acronym CMA, the official Crystal Meth Anonymous logo (hereinafter “logo”), and future variations of the logo is reserved for:

1. A Crystal Meth Anonymous Group as defined herein, for its function of organizing and operating a regularly scheduled CMA meeting. A CMA Group may not use the name, acronym or logo for any other purpose (including without limitation, dances, conventions, memorabilia, or fund raising events) without the prior written consent of its Area/District Chairperson after a vote taken by the Area/District Service Committee.

2. A Crystal Meth Anonymous “District,” “Area,” “Region,” or “Intergroup”.

3. Crystal Meth Anonymous (a California public benefit corporation), aka CMA General Services. The service body granting the use of the CMA logo shall be responsible for ensuring that the proper CMA logo, with applicable trademarks as shown below, is used on printed materials and memorabilia.

The name “Crystal Meth Anonymous,” and the stylized CMA logo are registered trademarks of Crystal Meth Anonymous. The acronym “CMA” is a registered trademark of Crystal Meth Anonymous when used in the realm of recovery, regardless of color or font.

No other individual or entity may use the names Crystal Meth Anonymous, and CMA, the acronym CMA, the official Crystal Meth Anonymous logo or future variations of the logo without the written permission of the Crystal Meth Anonymous Board of Trustees.

Care should be taken when using the CMA name in legal filings such as the incorporation of an Area, District or Intergroup or the setting up of a bank account. Use of the name “Crystal Meth Anonymous” or “CMA” in the entity’s legal name could imply a franchise relationship and could expose both legal entities to risk. We suggest this only as legal guidance. This doesn’t apply to the names that CMA groups use for themselves or the way that the Fellowship refers to itself.

Likewise, care should be taken when allowing an outside vendor to print memorabilia using the names Crystal Meth Anonymous, CMA, the acronym CMA or our official logo. When entering into an agreement, language should be agreed to that the vendor is being granted a non-exclusive, revocable license to use the CMA name or logo; that the name, logo, or acronym cannot be used for any other reason. Please contact the GSC or your Delegate to obtain the specific language that can be inserted in these contracts with outside vendors.

To request the CMA Registered Logos, contact Intellectual Property Request

Intellectual Property

Report unauthorized use of the CMA name or logos or request use.

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