Voices of the Fellowship

Through this portal, you can read some of our members’ writings on recovery. You can also listen to speaker shares from our fellows, as well as submit your own work for inclusion in the projects being created by the CMA Literature Advisory Committee!


Listen to recordings from members of our CMA fellowship sharing their experience, strength and hope. These recordings are shared with permission of the submitter and approved by the Communications Committee of CMA.


Here is a sampling of stories that have been submitted to the CMA Literature Committee and approved for current or future publications. You will also find some meditations written by our fellowship for the work in progress VOTF: Daily Meditation Book Reader.

We have a growing selection of stories that you can find HERE.


The Literature Advisory Committee is excited to be working on several projects that the fellowship has expressed a need for. We welcome your submission for these books.  For your inspiration, here are the projects currently in progress:

  • Our Families
    Families have many definitions and take on many different forms. This book explores the complex nature of families and how they can support our recovery.
  • Sex in Sobriety
    Sex is a natural part of the lived experience, but for crystal meth addicts in recovery, it can be fraught with challenges. These stories explore how we develop new associations with sex and create healthy connections.
  • On Mental Health
    This project focuses on the solution and struggles that come with balancing mental health and sobriety.
  • A Step at a Time
    Our fellows write about their experience working each of the steps and how the process changed their lives. Each step is explored individually.
  • Poetry and Art - Table Top Book
    A book showcasing recovery-related artwork and poetry from members of the fellowship.
  • Prison and Legal Issues
    This book focuses on stories that discuss parole, losing custody of children, getting custody back, and facing trial while maintaining recovery.


We are currently collecting entries for a CMA daily meditation reader. This book will contain daily ideas to inspire our fellowship as we journey on the road of recovery together.    In the spirit of our initiative “Voices of the Fellowship”, we are looking for submissions from the CMA fellowship at large. The guidelines below can help you craft your entry based on a spiritual solution that you have found in CMA. We are looking to harness our collective experience to help us all remember what is important on a daily basis. We are collecting submissions on an ongoing basis. This project is moving along and we look forward to receiving your submission today.   Submissions should be less than 300 words total for each entry. Each daily entry will be based on a spiritual solution in recovery. Remember that we are writing these as CMA members so utilizing our experience as crystal meth addicts in recovery is key. The entry should explore this practical or spiritual idea in three parts:

    • A quote (20-30 words) from our CMA literature or from a CMA member.
    • A main body of exposition exploring the main idea. (175-200 words)
    • A meditative element (30-40 words) that can take the form of: A meditation, a prayer, an intention, an action for the day, or an affirmation.