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Literature-on-demand printing service is available. You can order CMA pamphlet titles in any one of seven colors on either paper or card stock, and all pamphlets arrive folded for your convenience. Minimum order quantity per title is 10 and prices are based upon the quantity ordered, so the more you order, the more cost effective it is for you (and us!).

Literature Advisory Committee

You can be a part of the growing story of CMA.

The CMA World Services Literature Advisory Committee is looking for contributions of written material for future versions of our book.  Please write either an essay about your step experience or a personal story similar to the ones found in the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous. Please keep your writing to a max of 4000 words. Other contributions of writing can be made also.

Please know that if selected for publication, your material may be edited in keeping with our literature guidelines plus CMA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Submissions may also be copy edited to ensure ease of comprehension and adherence to standard rules of grammar and punctuation as well as current CMA style guidelines. In addition, editorial staff may also substitute different words and/or revise sentence structure for clarification. If you donate your written work, you must further understand that this material may be re-titled and/or reprinted in more than one CMA publication.

Thank you,
Literature Advisory Committee

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