“It doesn’t matter what you call it. It doesn’t matter how you did it. It brought us to our knees, because without exception, that’s what it does.”

—Are You a Tweaker?

This is the first reading many of us hear when we come to CMA, and it unifies us. Some of us laugh, some cry, but all of us nod and relate. Whether we called it speed, tweak, crank, Tina, or kibble, we belong here. Whether we snorted, smoked, or injected it, we have a seat in these rooms. Whether we lost our jobs, hurt our families and friends, or just forgot who we were, we can identify.

In the fellowship we hear stories about painting the walls at four in the morning, trying futilely to build computers from discarded parts, going dumpster-diving for gold, compulsively trolling “dating” sites, or gambling our paychecks away. We all ended up in the same place: on our knees.

Realizing we are not alone gives us a powerful sense of ease and comfort. We have finally found a home. With the help of our new fellowship, we can stay sober.

Today I Can find comfort in knowing I am not alone.

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