Online CMA Meetings

CMA groups are indeed spiritual entities regardless of the place at which they gather. While meeting in-person is the foundation of our CMA fellowship, some CMA groups have moved beyond physical boundaries to online or telephone meetings. By creating safe, “virtual” spaces for crystal meth addicts to meet anywhere, groups can fulfill our primary purpose, to carry the message of recovery to the still-suffering addict.

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CMA Meeting Map

We have aimed our map at the USA.  As you zoom into a teardrop marker, you may only see one teardrop at a final place but but as you hover over the teardrop it will show the names of all the meetings held at that particular location. There is no order to the meetings in this list.

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CMA Meeting Search

The CMA Meeting search can be directed to find a meeting close to you. Pick the day of the week the use our "Locate Me" function for meetings near you.

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CMA Meeting Directory

With the CMA Worldwide Meeting Directory you can find a CMA group near you. The listing page displays in a "day-of-the-week then by time" order Sunday through Saturday, according to the state, city or zip (category) you choose.

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Start a CMA Meeting

Currently, CMA is most active in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Go to FIND A CMA MEETING for the current CMA Directory of Meetings. If you cannot find a meeting of Crystal Meth Anonymous in your neighborhood, then START A NEW MEETING of CMA. We have been asked to put everything you neeed in one place.

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Group and Meeting Registration or Update

There are nothing to download -- everything is web based. Once you have filled out the online questionnaire, the system will contact the appropriate Registrar to continue the process. It is important that you fill out one form for each meeting update, or for each new meeting as different volunteers work in different areas. Please be sure to read the instructions at the top of each form, to ensure quickest processing.

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