About CMA’s Financials

Crystal Meth Anonymous Year‐End Financial Results
FY22Q4 – July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022

At the close of CMA’s fiscal year, we note that our financial position continues to show strong signs of recovery from the last two years of pandemic‐induced stressors. We have increased our cash on‐hand, ensuring we can continue to fund work that reaches the still‐suffering crystal meth addict. This increase in funds is due to Seventh Tradition contributions that were $11,000 higher than budgeted. Sales of chips, medallions, and literature also outpaced our budget expectations by $16,000. Due to delayed release of the app and other cost‐savings, our budgeted expenses were $12,000 less than expected.

CMA’s balance sheet reflects a strong position : our Prudent Reserve holds nine months of budgeted expenses, we have more than $10,000 on hand for the upcoming launch of the CMA App, and approximately $44,000 in unrestricted cash on‐hand.

In this financial report and subsequent versions of it, you’ll now find a section on literature sales. Notable highlights include the launch of A Sober Cell : From the Inside Looking Out and our first book sold in Japan. Since its launch in 2015, Crystal Clear : Stories of Hope (in English and Spanish) has now sold more than 7,600 copies.

The following reports have been recommended by the Finance Advisory Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.


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