Local TimeDistanceMeetingLocation / GroupAddressRegionDistrictTypes
5:00 pm Primary Purpose CMA Open
Alano Club
43452 Co Hwy 34
Perham, MN 56573
Minnesota Big Book, Open
6:00 pm Against All Odds Open
Maplewood Alano Club
1955 Prosperity Rd
St Paul, MN 55109
Minnesota 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, Open, Step Meeting
7:00 pm Midtown Tweakers Open
All God's Children Metropolitan Community Church
3100 Park Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Minnesota LGBTQ, Literature, Newcomer, Open, Speaker
7:00 pm HOPE-FULL-LIFE Open
River of Life Church
150 Birch St N
Cambridge, MN 55008
Minnesota Open
7:00 pm CMA Squad 27 - Ground Zero
The Downtown Alano Society of St. Paul
520 Robert St N
St Paul, MN 55101