• Meeting Information

    Friday, to 3:00 pm

    • In-person
    • Online

    • 12 Steps & 12 Traditions
    • Cross Talk Permitted
    • Open

    Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Crystal Meth Anonymous’ program of recovery from using. Non users may attend open meetings as observers.

    This Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) meeting gathers individuals struggling with crystal meth addiction, creating a supportive and understanding environment. These members unite to share their experiences, strength, and hope, fostering a sense of community and mutual aid in their journey towards recovery. Central to this meeting is the discussion of the Twelve Step Program, with reading materials serving as a guide for personal growth and overcoming addiction.

  • Online Meeting

    Join with Zoom

    ID: 892 9215 6840 PW: sharelove

  • SHARE! Culver City

    6666 Green Valley Cir
    Culver City, CA 90230

    Meeting is in the Serenity Room

    Los Angeles County

  • Updated February 24, 2024
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