Online with Zoom

Joining a Meeting

  1. Click on the link provided by the meeting host.  It will be in a format like:
    …The last nine numbers are the meeting number. This format is just an example.
  2. If this is your first time using Zoom, click on “download & launch Zoom”.
  3. Click “Open” in the dialog box on the top.
  4. Click “Test speaker and microphone.”

If you’re asked to enter your name, type only your first name and last initial.

Managing the Control Functions – Muting, Video and Chatting

The ToolBar
Once in a Zoom meeting, turn on this toolbar by hovering your cursor at the bottom of your screen. There are just a few tools you will need.

On Desktop:
Hover over bottom of screen with your mouse to turn on

On Mobile:
Tap the top of the screen to turn on

How Too:

Click Mute to turn on and off your microphone.
It’s a good practice to mute unless you are speaking. Always mute if there is background noise at your location.

If the secretary calls on you to speak, tap or click the Unmute button. If there is no Unmute button, and you only see a Mute button, then everyone on the meeting can hear you.

Click Stop Video to turn off your camera.

Click Start Video to turn it on.

Select Chat (or Participants and then Chats on mobile) to make comments to the group, or to any of the individuals on the call. The Chat window on the right of the screen shows comments posted by all participants.

To Share: Select Manage Participants and tap on “Raise Hand” to share.

To leave the meeting: Click “Leave Meeting”

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