Meditation Entry

Below is an unedited sample that was submitted for the upcoming meditation book that fulfills the basic guidelines of word-count and subject matter. It has not been approved and is only provided here as an example of what an entry might look like.

Today I can draw on the power of honesty. I embrace change and redefine myself.
                                                                                                          – Today I Can

In our addiction to crystal meth, we got high at the expense of everything that was good in our lives. That feeling of being loaded became our primary goal. We became experts at lying. We lied to others and to ourselves. We lied to ourselves that it would be ok to spend our last money on drugs. We lied to ourselves that we would only use for one night, or that we would never purchase meth, or that we wouldn’t miss any important appointments. We said that we would show up to work on time, that we would quit by Monday, show up for the wedding, drink some water, on and on, and the biggest lie of all was that we weren’t hurting anyone else. Our relationship with the truth became more and more distant. By surrendering to sobriety, we have given in to the truth of Step 1. The truth that I can never use meth successfully and that as an addict, my mind and body react to meth in a self-destructive way. We simply agree to get honest about the slim chance of getting loaded without terrible consequences and start giving ourselves an opportunity to create something good today. When we are honest with ourselves about being an addict, we can begin to have freedom again.

Affirmation: With honesty as my guiding principle, I can begin to heal in a way that returns me to integrity. Today I am centered in the truth that my greatest life is an honest and sober one. As I point myself toward honesty I gain self-worth and integrity. I will be honest with myself and others as an act of self-love.

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