“My trust in people and, more importantly, in myself has been restored over time.”

—Sponsorship, More than Just Friendship – Voices of the Fellowship: Our Recovery

Trust was a foreign concept in my active addiction. Everyone in every situation seemed to be unreliable. I couldn’t count on the people I used with, I couldn’t trust my dealer, and worst of all, I couldn’t trust myself. Absolutely no one could rely on me for anything. I couldn’t show up, commit to anything or follow through on any promise.

But then I came into this program of “rigorous honesty”. I never thought I could be honest but it seemed to be a reasonable requirement if I wanted to change.

What I actually learned was that honesty was not so challenging and life was much easier when I wasn’t wasting energy managing my endless lies. Once I started being honest, I could continue to do it. Magically this solved my trust problem. Slowly I was aware that I could trust myself. This confidence in my ability to consistently show up and be honest led to growing trust from friends and family. Every time I did what I said and said what I did made me something I had never been…reliable!

ACTION: Today, I will do what I say and say what I do. I will be reliable.

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