I can stay sober.
I don’t have to relapse.
I never need to go back out there;
I can stay here—there is a solution.
I can stay here and stop running;
I can stay here and start saying yes to life.
I can find a Higher Power to rely on.
I can find some peace and find out who I really am.
I can make a decision and make some changes.
I can make some new friends—
And make amends to my old ones.
A lot of addicts will go back to using, but I don’t have to.
Not if I get a sponsor and get to work.

Take a deep breath…
If I can accept the truth and put away my fantasy,
If I can ask for a little help,
If I can take these suggested steps,
One day at a time, I will be free.

(Groups may change this reading to the “We” version at their discretion)

CMA Conference Approved Literature
©2013 Crystal Meth Anonymous
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