“Jealousy is the reflection of my own dissatisfaction”

-Heard in the rooms.

When we are jealous of others in the rooms of CMA, we risk turning recovery into a competition. When we hear about someone getting that job, that house, or that relationship maybe we wonder why they are getting those things before us. As if there aren’t enough jobs, houses or people to go around.

Recovery will bring us good results, just not at the same time. We have to have faith that the work we are doing on ourselves will definitely bring us what we need, and can even bring us what we want. Reacting to someone else’s good fortune with envy reinforces the idea of lack, and with that mindset, how will we be able to see our good fortune when it shows up? When we are jealous, we are easily pulled into the quicksand of self pity where the things we have achieved lose their shine and we risk becoming ungrateful.

Being content with what we have achieved while still striving for more is a practice of balance. Having gratitude for the things we have makes the journey of recovery so much richer.

Affirmation: Today I will cultivate gratitude for what I have and delight for the achievements of my fellows.

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