“We become an unconditional friend to ourselves. We get a simple and direct relationship with the way we are.”

-What About Meditation? (CMA Pamphlet)

In the rooms of CMA we learn to treat ourselves with the same kindness we show to other recovering addicts. Slowly we begin to internalize the love and acceptance we receive from the fellowship. Without even realizing it, we’ve started accepting ourselves just as we are in this moment.

Our fellows told us they found deeper self-acceptance through meditation. At first we balked at the idea. “No way can I sit with myself.” After all, we used crystal meth to avoid being with ourselves. It’s not an easy prospect for people who used meth to escape. Not to worry, simply take one deep breath, followed by a slow exhalation. Breathe and exhale one more time and we are on our way.

If we give it time and practice, meditation can be an effective tool of recovery, showing us the way to compassionate self-acceptance. It’s a great way to become an unconditional friend to ourselves.

Action: Today, I will find several times to pause and breathe. With each inhale and exhale, I will find moments of acceptance.

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