“Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings”

–Step 7

Many of us use Step 7 to beat ourselves up. When we fall back into familiar patterns of behavior, we say to ourselves, “Why can’t I stop doing this? Why am I still acting out this way?”
Our sponsors compassionately reply: “Because you’re human.”

These questions assume that perfection is the goal. We’re not here to achieve sainthood. Step 7 tells us to “humbly ask” without expectations.The results and the timing are up to our Higher Power. Some of our character defaults may fall away suddenly. Others may stick around for quite a while. Still others may be with us for the long haul. This is not for us to judge.

Our job is to work these steps and live by these spiritual principles one day at a time. As long as we keep talking about our challenges and have compassion for ourselves, things will change. As we grow ever closer to our loving Source, these defects we used as defenses and coping mechanisms may be rendered unnecessary.

Prayer: Loving Source, help me love myself exactly as I am, as You love me. Take from me anything that doesn’t serve our highest good, in Your time.

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