“In CMA, we may be the last house on the block, but the light is always on, and the door is always open.”

—Heard in the rooms.

We crawled into the rooms of CMA, feeling like we had worn out our welcome. We lost the trust of our family and friends. We used up all their generosity until they were done with us. Maybe the law was on our back. Many of us were unemployable. Some of us couch-surfed in exchange for drugs or sex until we were asked to leave. At our lowest point we found ourselves broken with nowhere to turn. We were alone.

Then we heard these words at our first CMA meeting: “Welcome Home.” Some of us doubted these words at first. It had been a long time since we had felt welcome anywhere.

But we started hearing our story in the experience of others. And people were actually listening to our shares. Maybe we were asked to go out for coffee after the meeting. We were surprised when our fellows asked us to take commitments at our home group. Is it possible that people were starting to trust us and want us around? We were becoming an integral part of a new family. In CMA we turn our backs on no one.

ACTION: Today I will make myself available to the newcomer and welcome them home.

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